Dance Programme


                                                                                    Private Dance Lessons

                                                                                     Group  Dance Classes

                                                                              Wedding Dance Programme

                                                                  Ladies Dance - Fusion (dance for fitness)



                                                                               Private Dance Lessons



Private lessons are definitely the best way for you to accelerate your learning experience. There is no substitute for working with a professional on a one to one basis. No matter what your goal is, a social event, competition, or wedding dance, private lessons are the best way to go about it. You can take private lessons by  yourself, with a partner, or a small group of  friends.


                                                                            Group Dance Classes



Group classes are an excellent way to enjoy your dancing in a friendly and relaxed group setting. You will be improving your dance skills at a steady pace while having lots of fun. Combine these with private lessons, group lessons become an important part for your dance advancement.



                                                                            Ladies Dance - Fusion

                                            (Dance fitness to Ballroom & Latin rhythms)



Dance your way to fitness, all the best Ballroom/Latin/Salsa dances, danced in line - no partner required. These classes are a fun enjoyable way to get into shape.



                                                                                Wedding Dance Programme



If you are planning a wedding, we have just the programme for you. We will assist you in making your very special day unforgettable. We start by helping you select your music, then choreograph a routine especially for you, your parents or your entire wedding party. This special memory will last forever.



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